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Spraying Systems

In Indian context there are different types of sprayers which can be used according to the growth of different types of crops. They are as follow:

1) Hand operated sprayer.

2) Engine operated sprayer/fuel operated sprayer.

3) Electric motor pump sprayer.

Hand operated sprayer is operated by hand so that the discomfort occur while spraying. Engine operated sprayer/fuel operated sprayer as we know that engine operated sprayer works on fuel, which is costly so in farmer's economical point of view it is not good. The Electric motor pump sprayer uses electricity (AC as well as Solar) for charging battery. In this way the pump can drive according to battery charging.

In the above mentioned sprayers there are some drawbacks too.

1) Hand operated sprayer cannot be use continually spraying. We can say that it cannot be used for long time.

2) Engine operated sprayer operates on petrol so it is not possible for every farmer to use this.

3) In India 70% of people lives in rural areas. In rural areas there are insufficient electricity. So it is not possible to use electric motor pump for spraying that uses only AC charging and thus Solar source is a must, which is also economical as well as environment friendly.

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